Revolver Grill Scraper

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The Revolver grill Scraper was designed to remove the crud from your grill without having to worry about loose bristles from a brush getting into your food creating a very bad grilling experience.

The revolver grill scraper adjust to fit your grill. It features a revolving disc on the front that has multiple different patterns for cleaning your grill. Allowing you to dial a pattern in that fits your grill. 

Unlike other scrapers you don't have to hold your hand at weird angle or hold a tiny little disc to scrape your grill clean.

The tool is made of 304 Stainless steel offering extreme longevity and corrosion resistance. The handle features a wide area that can be used as a flat scraper for cast iron or whatever you desire.

Get thirsty while grilling and use the bottle opener, that doubles as a hanger, to pop open the beverage of your choice.